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SSD Platinet Proline 240GB SATAIII (516MB/s read 561MB/s)
SSD - hard drives built on flash memory. They are much more efficient than standard hard drives HDD, durable (does not have mechanical parts) and consume much less power. SSD brand Platinet is based on a powerful controller and high-speed memory. Parameters TECHNICAL: - Write speed: up to 540MB / s- read speed up to 410MB / s- works with the interface SATAIII - Noiseless - Shockproof - Built-in error correction ECC (Error Correction Code) - Operating temperature 0 - 70 degrees Celsius -.MTBF: 2M hours - Energy consumption: Idle: Max 0.5W Active: 3.2W Max - Size: 100mm × 70mm × 7mm- Weight: 76g
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